Tamdhu – 10 Year Old

About Tamdhu

Tamdhu Distillery
The Tamdhu distillery is set upon the banks of the River Spey, not far from Knockando. There’re many independent bottlings of Tamdhu’s single malt Scotch, but only two official releases – the Tamdhu 10 Year Old & the Tamdhu Batch Strength. Tamdhu was founded in 1896 by a group of whisky blenders, including William Grant & Sons.  The distillery not only produces all of its own malt, but enough to supply malt to the other distilleries owned by the Edrington group – such as Glenrothes – and distils 4,000,000 litres in total.

Tamdhu 10 Year Old

This 70cl bottle of Speyside single malt comes in at 40% ABV, having been matured for ten years in Sherry casks, & has won two silver awards.

Price: £34.00 (Master of Malt), £34.45 (The Whisky Exchange).

The bottling of this whisky is very “art-deco”, almost as if it was designed by Don Draper, which might make it an appealing choice for younger generations. This is a whisky that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has a personality outside of its liquid contents. However, this does not take away from the standard of this fine single malt. At such a reasonable price, who can say no? (Not us!)

Appearance: A deep amber in colour, with fat and not very defined droplets. A surprisingly oily dram. 

Nose: Thick and musky. Appealing aromas of almonds, sunflower oil, vanilla pods, and fresh chives coat the nose. A subtle scent of browned sugar emerges towards the end.

Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5

Palate: A deeply complex and layered malt. The palate starts off sharp and softens to an oily texture. Flavours of fresh nectarines are complimented by more understated earthy flavours, as well as gingerbread and delightfully thick cooked sherry.

Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 4/5.

Finish:  The palate ends with a delicate smoke which follows through to the finish. There is surprisingly no sweetness to be found. Instead the sweetness is replaced by the distinct taste of rocket leaves and chili flakes. 

Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 3/5.

Overall: This is simply a dessert whisky, with subtle tones of sherry throughout the many layers. This could quite easily accompany a sticky toffee pudding.  


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