Jura Origin – 10 Year Old

About the Isle of Jura distillery:

The Isle of Jura Distillery
Whilst an Island whisky, the Jura distillery does not share the peaty force associated with Islay. Instead, Jura whiskies offer a full body and are all good entry level whiskies. The Isle of Jura draws its name from the Old Norse

Dryøy meaning ‘wild beast’ or ‘deer’, due to the large amount of deer that heavily outnumber the c.200 people living on Jura. The Isle of Jura was also the residence of George Orwell from 1946 to his death in 1950, and is where he wrote his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Jura Origin 10 Year Old
Price: £27.76 (Master of Malt), £27.25 (The Whisky Exchange)
This Single Malt was bottled at 40% ABV and has won three silver awards. This is a full-bodied, entry level malt and is a strong whisky for any novice wanting to come to grips with the world of whisky – and for a very decent price. 
*Note – special edition!
Appearance: A clear, pale amber. A viscous liquid, with lots of fat legs but not very well defined drops.
Nose: A very subtle nose. Wet sand is the first scent, possibly smelling the island itself! A delicate and fresh nose of bamboo follows, coupled with mixed berries and light wood. This is all rounded off with a thick, buttery brandy cream.
Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 4/5
Palate: A surprisingly dry palate. Dried seaweed is present, and the bitter flavour of pepper and cardamom intermingles with the natural savoury and salty flavours of the seaweed. A slightly buttery feel.
Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 5/5
Finish: The light wood from the nose has become charred, filling the finish with strong caramel flavours. The caramel is melded with white wine vinegar and vanilla pod.
Madyson: 5/5 | Rami 4/5.
Overall: There is nothing negative to say about this malt. The price for the quality is outstanding, definitely a lot of bang for your buck. The nose, the palate and the finish are all rather delightful. Quite soft and not overly complex, this would be a perfect start to your whisky collection or a gift to a friend or father.

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