Springbank – 10 Year Old

About Springbank
Springbank Distillery
Today Springbank is only one of three distilleries found in the Campbeltown whisky region – one of the few survivors from Campbeltown’s 30+ distilleries. Interestingly, Springbank is also one of the few surviving family owned distilleries, having been passed down five generations, and the current chairman (Hedley G. Wright) is Springbank founder Archibald Mitchell’s great, great grandson. Springbank single malt is lightly peated and distilled two and a half times. Alongside the Springbank single malt, Springbank distillery produces Longrow – a twice distilled, heavily peated single malt – and Hazelburn – a triple distilled, unpeated single malt as well as the Campbeltown Loch blended whisky. Springbank is definitely a busy distillery!
Springbank – 10 Year Old
Price: £36.25 (Master of Malt), £36.25 (The Whisky Exchange)
The Sprignbank 10 Year Old comes in at 46% and is a blend of whisky matured in bourbon and sherry casks. The 10 Year Old won a well deserving gold in 2014.

Appearance: A light tinge of gold. Not a very viscous whisky, plenty of fat drops and thin legs however.
Nose: Straight off the bat you are greeted with a combination of aniseed, which we interpreted as fennel, with a slight medicinal tinge. This is then joined by hints of oak and grains – particularly oats.
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5
Palate: The palate is very savoury. The hints of oats and oak pass from the nose into the palate and are accompanied by a sweet honey. However, this is then replaced with the flavours of salt and smoke that is expected in a Springbank. There are also notes of spice, possibly coriander and nutmeg.
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5
Finish: The savoury flavor of smoke passes into finish, with the hints of sweet honey coming in quickly behind. The aniseed found in the nose seems to have skipped the palate and jumped straight into the finish. There is a pleasant surprise of dried fruits which reminded us of apricots and sultanas!
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami 4/5.
Overall: A generally pleasing dram. It isn’t too challenging and it is possible that some might be put off by the medicinal tinge but that doesn’t deter us! A damn good introduction into Campbeltown single malts.


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