Timorous Beastie – 40 Year Old

About Douglas Laing & Co.

Founded in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing, Douglas Laing has been bottling Blends, Single Malt and Single Grain whiskies ever since. Fast forward fifty-eight years to now and Douglas Laing produces six different ranges – Double Barrel, Old Particular, Provenance, Director’s Cut, Old Malt Cask, Premier Barrel  – as well as Big Peat (an Islay blend), Timorous Beastie (a Highland blend), Scallywag (a Speyside blend), and the Rock Oyster (an Island blend). One of the best loved independent bottlers.

Timorous Beastie – 40 Year Old

Price: £199.95 (Master of Malt), £199 (Douglas Laing)

We were very fortunate to receive a free 20cl sample bottle from Douglas Laing and we can say that it is delicious. Unlike its younger sibling, the 40 year old is a cask strength whisky and comes in at 54.7%. However, it does maintain a similar blend – including Glen Garioch, Dalmore and Glengoyne.

Taken from DL website 

Appearance: Surprisingly pale gold in colour considering the age. The whisky trickles slowly down the glass, with an abundance of fine legs and droplets.

Nose: A drastic transformation from sweet to savoury. The complex nose has deep layers of sweet candied fruit, white grape and of rhubarb stewed in honey, transitioning to buttery apple pie.  Underneath are consistent, slightly sharp, tones of musky oak, salt and sand.
Madyson: 5/5 | Rami: 5/5 

Palate: A combination of dry, spicy and savoury. The warmth of chestnuts roasted on a charcoal fire combines with rhubarb that has carried through from the nose. Subtle tones of seaweed appear followed by notes of wood sap, almond and ginger. Malt and multi-seed toast are also present alongside flavours of coriander seed, powered chili, and the resurgence of sand from the nose.

 Madyson: 5/5 | Rami: 5/5 

Finish: This dram ends on a combination of spice and sweetness. It is harsh, however there is an underlying botanical flavour reminiscent of gin. The freshness of nettle, peppercorns and anise permeate through a light smoke and vanilla. The long finish fades into lingering flavours of ground black pepper and sweet waxy apple peel.  
Madyson: 5/5 | Rami: 5/5 

Overall: This was a delicious dram that we wish could get more of! It’s layered, complex and filled with flavours. The guys over Douglas Laing really know what they’re doing. 


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