The Dalmore – 12 year old

About The Dalmore Distillery.

The Dalmore Distillery
One of highlands most picturesque distilleries, The Dalmore distillery has a capacity of 4.21 million litres. Master blender Richard Patterson is highly respected in the industry and also works with Isle of Jura and Whyte and Mackay, who currently own the company. The distillery itself was established in 1839, but the history of the iconic 12-pointed stag logo dates back to 1216. The Royal Stag was appointed by King Alexander III as the coat of arms for the Mackenzie family, who’s descendants were the distilleries former owners.  

The Dalmore – 12 year old

Price: £39.77 (Master of Malt), £39.95 (The Whisky Exchange).

This 40% Highland single malt was aged for 9 years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, then half was transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the final three years.

Appearance:  Dark amber in colour, almost coppery. The liquid sticks to the glass and slowly forms an abundance of fat legs and equally fat drops.

Nose: The nose immediately reveals notes of oak and sherry, confirmation of the casks used in production. Beneath this are sweet scents of vanilla and red grape, maraschino cherries and waxy apple peel. There are some slightly grainy and nutty tones, with pistachio and orange pith identifiable. Additionally, there is the distinctive sharpness of white pepper.

Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 4/5

Palate: Soft, sweet and dry. There are tones of cranberry and red grape, surrounded by a dark, thick honey. The sherry wood can also be identified here, with hints of clove – reminiscent of spiced mulled wine – and the distinctive taste of pipe tobacco. The palate can be likened to Special K red berry cereal bars.

Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 4/5

Finish: The finish is warm and sharp, with notes of strong dark chocolate and white pepper. Underneath, the red fruits from the palate linger, with an oaky aftertaste.

Madyson: 4/5 | Rami: 3/5

Overall: This is a definite autumn dram, which has just the right amount of sherry tones. There is less depth in the finish than in the nose and palate, but overall this whisky is well-rounded.

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