Adelphi Caol Ila – 12 Year Old Cask #301266

About Adelphi
Ardnamurchan Distillery

The Adelphi Selection can trace its roots back to the Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery which was founded in 1826 on the banks of the River Clyde. Sadly, Adeplhi distillery stopped producing malt whisky in 1907 and ceased production of grain whisky in 1932 – the site was finally demolished in 1971. Here’s the good news, the Adelphi brand was revived in 1993 as an independent bottler and in 2012 permission was granted for Adelphi to construct Ardnamurchan Distillery at Glenbeg. Even better news, the distillery was officially opened by HRH The Royal Princess in July, 2014 and Adelphi produced their spirit in that same year!

Adelphi Caol Ila 12 Year Old Cask #301266
PriceUnfortunately, this whisky is no longer available. 

A 2003 vintage of Caol Ila was bottled in 2015 and has a hefty ABV of 58.1%. Only 285 bottles were produced from Cask 301266!

Appearance: It is a thin, clear, yellow-bronze whisky. The thin legs slowly form sticky, fat drops which fall quickly.
Nose: A strong concoction of smouldering wood, ash, charred logs, peat – all immensely dry! Suddenly, there’s a suggestion of dark coffee, it’s too not sharp or too complex but quite velvety. The dark coffee slips away and savoury notes of light pepper and brine replace it, only then to be overwritten by notes of shredded wheat, vanilla and bourbon biscuit. Throughout the nose is an underlying fresh wood – possibly American white oak which is alluded to by the suggestion of vanilla.
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 4/5
Palate: The dry notes of charred wood, brine, pepper and ash carry on from the nose to the palate. The dryness is then replaced by dessert notes of zesty orange and dark chocolate. If held in the mouth there is a definite sherry flavour there. 
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5
Finish: Suddenly, the dram takes a turn with sharper tones. Notes of thick, sticky sap atop freshly cut oak planks. A sharp peat and the return of pepper and ash results in a very warm, long lasting finish. The last taste is of bourbon biscuits. 
Madyson: 4/5 | Rami 4/5.
Overall: A moreish savoury dessert whisky. Overall, it is not overly complex but has subtle layers that are enjoyable. The most flavourful element is the finish, but the palate works very well alongside it.  


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