Lp6 – Elements of Islay (Whisky Wednesday!)

About Elements of Islay
The Elements of Islay is a Speciality Drinks Ltd range of independent bottlings of single malt whiskies from the Islay region of Scotland. Launched in 2008, they bottle single casks or create batches from between 5-20 casks from a single distillery. There are no vintages or age statements in Elements of Islay bottlings, and in fact very little information can be found about each individual bottling, as the producers believe that these factors are not as significant as the product itself. They aim to produce quality malts which are designed to express the character of the distillery that made it.
Lp6 – Elements of Islay
Price: £79.80 (Master ofMalt); £79.95 (The Whisky Exchange)
This 500ml bottling comes in at cask strength: 51.3%, after being matured in first fill bourbon casks. No age statement, no colouring and non-chill filtered. This is the sixth release containing whisky from the Laphroig distillery.

Appearance: Faded yellow in colour, this dram forms many thin legs, but does so very slowly.

Nose: The nose is an autumn forest: leafy, damp and with a subtle scent of oak. There is underlying sweetness in the form of vanilla and dried pineapple. There is an acceptable level of peaty tones, with a suggestion of maize crisps. The end of the nose is sharp, with hints of TCP and chilli flakes. Deep, but not complex.
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5
Palate: The palate is delicate. The hints of dried pineapple found in the nose can also be found here, along with dried coconut and fresh white grapes. Also from the nose, we can find TCP and maize in the palate which give a light sharpness to the flavour, complimented with charred wood. There are also tones of sunflower oil. The palate is fleshy, almost like muesli cereal, but also reminiscent of cardboard. Take from that what you will.
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5
Finish:  Dry and peaty, but easy going. There is the sweetness of mango, contrasting nicely with pepper are charred wood. There are also hints of fennel. The finish is very short, and perhaps not enough punch for fans of Laphroig.
Madyson: 2/5 | Rami 3/5.
Overall: A surprisingly soft bottling; dangerously easy to drink. It tastes pure and young, but is not particularly distinctive. As a Laphroig, this dram is not amazing. As a bottling from Elements of Islay, it’s not bad at all.

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