Weekly Booze News – 30/09/2016

1. Hunter Laing’s Ardnahoe Islay distillery was formally approved. It will be the ninth distillery on the island, and the first since Kilchoman was established a decade ago. Read more here. 
2. Dalmore announced a new 35 year old, aged in Bourbon barrel, a Matusalem Sherry Butt and a Port Colheita Pipe. Read more here.
3. Compass Box announced two new releases: Three Year Old Deluxe and Spice Tree Extravaganza (see their webstie for more info). However, the company have ended their transparency drive for now after reaching a legal compromise. They must not actively promote the components and ages of whisky used in their blends, but can provide the information when asked. Read more here.

Compass Box New Releases

4. Ancnoc officially launched their first single cask, an 11 year old matured in ex-bourbon casks, in celebratiom of 60yrs of La Maison du Whisky. Read more here.
5.  Rampur release Indian single malt whisky from the Himalayas, which will be available from October. Read more here.
6. English Whisky Company unveil rebrand, along with two new expressions: Original and Smokey. Read more here.

English Whisky Co. Rebrand

7. Tamnavulin launched its first single malt in 20 years, in celebration of their 50th Anniversary. The release is a Double Cask (American Oak and Sherry Butts). Read more here.

8. Wales officailly becomes a whisky nation, after Dà Mhile release new single grain. To be a whisky nation, a country must have at least two functioning distillery. Read more here.
9. Three Ships Whisky (South African) launched the world’s first pinotage cask whisky, a 15 year old. It is also the oldest whisky produced in South Africa. Read more here.

Three Ships 15YO Pinotage Cask Finish

10. Legal break through in Taiwan as Scotch Whisky become a registered certification trade mark, giving the industry protection against fakes. Read more here.

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