October Whisky Wishlist

I. Glenfiddich Experimental Series IPA Cask

The first single malt Scotch whisky to be finished in an IPA beer cask. The beer filled ex-Glenfiddich whisky barrels, and was crafted specifically for this purpose. The beer filled the barrel for one month, and the whisky was finished for three months before bottling. It has been said to be aromatic, zesty sweer and – not surprisingly – hoppy. It is one of two new experimental bottlings from Glenfiddich, and we can’t wait to taste them both.

II. Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask

This is the first release from Macallan in the past three years which includes an age statement. This bottling was matured in a combination of American and European ex-sherry casks for a minimum of 12 years. As fans of Macallan and fans of sherry casks, we’re keen to give this a try.

III. Scapa Glansa

This Scapa whisky was finished in barrels that had previously held peaty whisky. This could be a gentle introduction to the distilleries intention to enter the world of peat. Some think its cutting corners, or second-hand peat, but we think it’s a great idea. Tasting notes include heather, honey, peach, caramel toffee and gentle smoke. It would be interesting to see the result of such an experiment. 

IV. Wolfburn Aurora

A new release from Wolfburn. The Aurora was matured in second fill quarter casks, ex-bourbon casks and ex-Oloroso sherry hogsheads. It is described as tasting of raisons, mixed nuts and sherry spice. Named after the Northern Lights, it sounds inviting. We have never tried Wolfburn whisky, so this sounds like a good place to start. 

V. The Epicurean

A blended malt made up of Scotch whisky exclusively from the Lowland region. This is the latest edition to Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Regional Malts collection. The company named the bottling in honour of “that roguish character who never fails to deliver charm, charisma and just a little bit of cheek”. The Lowlands produce some excellent drams, so a blend is sure to impress.

VI. The Glover 14 Year Old

A celebration of the famed ‘Scottish Samurai’ Thomas Blake Glover! This dedication is a blend of both Scottish and Japanese whiskies, bringing together two worlds of whisky into a refined dram. At £95, the 14 year old is the more accessible of the range – the 18 year old was £145 and the 22 year old was £1,050! Unfortunately, this range was very limited and only 1,500 of the 14 year old was produced. Here’s hoping to more!

VII. Glen Breton 10 Year Old Ice

A Canadian whisky for the list. This Glen Breton single malt is aged entirely in ice wine casks! If you’re not familiar with ice wine, it is the practice of allowing the grapes to be frozen whilst still on the wine. The result is a very refreshing, highly acidic dessert wine. Hopefully this will impart some fantastic flavours, but we have no idea what to expect! It comes with a reasonable price of tag of £45. 

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