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Lakes Distillery

The Lakes Distillery

Faith, hope, luck and love. These words are the motto of the Lakes Distillery, which was founded in 2011 by Paul Currie, the son of Harold Currie who found Arran Single Malt whisky. It is located in the middle of a national park, and was converted from Victorian Model Farm at Setmurthy near Bassenthwaite. From 2018, they will be released under the name The Lakes Single Malt. They currently use of a number casks including ex-American oak, French oak, Chestnut, and ex-wine, port, Sherry Oloroso, Sherry Pedro Ximinez, ex-rye and ex-bourbon barrels. The distillery draws water from the River Derwent and its barley is grown at the Borders, which is used unpeated.

The Lakes Spirit: 15 Month Old Bourbon Matured

Price: N/A

Appearance: Clear, with the slightest yellow tinge.

Nose: Immediately, white wine – quite sour, but appealing. Not what we expected with a bourbon cask. The initial nose of white wine gives way to vanilla, red apple and some malty notes. Possibly marmite? There is sweetness that we couldn’t quite identify, possibly dried banana chips?

Palate: Very smooth! Hints of juniper and oak. A bit of a chew reveals the vanilla and banana that we found in the nose.

Finish: A much sharper finish but not much to it beside a slightly grainy flavour. Very delicate!
The One: Tawny Port Finish

Price: £39.95

Appearance: Dark amber, almost red in colour.

Nose: Very clear port influence here. It is slightly grainy, with a hint of ripened raspberries! A little salty and subtly smoky. It ends with bittersweet orange pith!

Palate: Lots of red fruit greet you immediately! Lightly charred oak. The orange returns from the nose, and sugared almond. Red apples stewed with some cinnamon!

Finish: Not much to it but it really opened up with a single drop of water!
The Lakes Gin: Explorers Edition

Price: £39.95


Nose: Initially, very refreshing. There is a lot of citrus, with pine-like tones and juniper berries. Very floral, with no indication of the strength.

Palate:Gentle hints of rosemary and citrus, with distinct tones of lemon. Juniper berries continue here, with the freshness of mint.

Finish: The finish has a slight spice, with notes of pepper and fennel. The citrus also comes through strong in the finish.
Tweet Tasting Samples
Overall: For our first experience of The Lakes Distillery products, we were very impressed. The One: Tawny Port Finish was certainly a highlight of the set, which was bottled from the cask the day before it was sent out to us. The 15th month old bourbon matured spirit can not yet be called whisky, but is a good indication of whats to come in the future from the distillery. The gin was delightful and refreshing, but a little high in price for us to want a bottle in the future. We look forward to the future releases from The Lakes Distillery; we hear they’re experimenting with barrels made from different types of wood, so we can look forward to chesnut, birch, maple and acacia!

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