The Glenlivet – 18 year old

About The Glenlivet

George Smith, distillery founder, was the first Speyside distiller to obtain a license in 1824 and opened Glenlivet distillery on a farm distillery known as Upper Drummin. This move toward legitimisation meant Smith had to carry two pistols for his protection as every other distiller nearby was illegal and were indignant at his move to becoming legal. The Glenlivet name became synonymous with quality – George IV himself requested a dram on his visit to Scotland! However, because of the link between quality and the Glenlivet name, other brands made use of it – no matter how far they were from the Livet glen! It wasn’t until 1884, when the distillery was under George Smith’s son John Gordon Smith, that Glenlivet were granted sole rights to THE Glenlivet – nevertheless, other brands were and are allowed to use the Glenlivet as a suffix (Macallan-Glenlivet) into the 1980s. Glevlivet is now owned by Chivas Brothers and in 2010 Chivas increased Glenlivet’s production from 5.3m litres to 10m litres, an increase of 75%! Glenlivet is the world’s 2nd best-selling single malt and the top seller in America – and was the first Scotch to be imported into America following the end of prohibition. In 2007, Glenlivet sold 500,000 casks – becoming only the 2nddistillery to do so and slowly ebbing toward their goal.
Glenlivet – 18 Year Old
Price: £58.00 (Master of Malt), £58.35 (The Whisky Exchange)
This 700ml bottling comes in at 43% and has spent time in sherry casks. The 18 year old has been awarded three golds and three silvers at a range of spirit competitions. 

Appearance: The colour is between copper and bronze. A mixture of fat and thin legs, not very well defined!  

Nose: Soft, sweet and sharp! Initially, strawberry shortcake and a plethora of nutty aromas, particularly pecans and almonds. A suggestion of cherry bakewell – especially marzipan! There are more dessert notes of salted caramel, and honeyed oats permeate. Alongside this sweetness is more subtle notes of powered white pepper and pine needles!  
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3.5/5
Palate: Dark chocolate, fruits and more nuts! Think of a dark chocolate dairy milk fruit and nut. Some citrus notes, not sure exactly which citrus fruits but they’re there! More nuts. Dry roasted peanuts, walnuts and hazelnuts in a strange but tasty combination. Fresher notes of green apple. The palate ends on creamy notes reminiscent of vanilla brandy cream.  
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami: 3/5
Finish: The sharp scents on the nose returns in the finish. Orange pith and cloves! Some woody notes combine with subtle spices and tobacco which is followed by sunflower oil and ethanol – just a hint! A sudden and short finish!
Madyson: 3/5 | Rami 3/5.
Overall: A pleasing dram – and if you read the reviews/comment online it is clearly the most popular Glenlivet. However, it wasn’t amazing for either of us, but it’s fair to say we have a penchant for peat! The price is pretty phenomenal for its age and it is well worth a buy.  


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