Antique, old fashioned and forgotten cocktails! – The Alamagoozlum Cocktail

The Alamagoozlum Cocktail

What a wonderfully, fantastic way to start the week – or end the week, or the celebrate Thursdays , or drink away the Tuesday night. I think you get the picture. Originally found in Charles H. Baker’s 1939 book Around the World with Jigger, Beaker, and Flask and attributed to none other than J. P. Morgan – yes, the American tycoon – the Alamagoozlum is not just fun to say but rather historic.


Recipe I

1/2 egg white
2 ounces/6 cl/60 ml of genever gin
2 ounces of water
1.5 ounces/4.5 cl/45 ml of Jamaican Rum
1.5 ounces of yellow or green Chartreuse
1.5 ounces of gomme syrup
0.5 ounces/1.5 cl/15 ml of orange curacao
0.5 ounces of Angostura Bitters

Recipe II

1/4 egg white
1 ounce/3 cl/30 ml of Rutte Old Simon Genever
1 ounce of water
0.75 ounce/2.25 cl/22.5 ml of white overproof rum
0.75 ounce of Chartreuse Jaune (yellow Chartreuse)
0.75 ounce of sugar syrup (2 sugar to 1 water)
0.25 ounces/0.75 cl/7.5 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
0.25 ounces of Angostura Bitters

with a pineapple wedge for garnish

– For both recipes place all of the ingredients into an iced cocktail shaker and shake it. Not a simple shake but a vigorous one – ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’.

Yes, yes, there’s about 285 ml of cocktail in recipe I… This recipe is intended to be shared amongst several, chilled glasses. Well, unless you’re thirsty or just want that kind of night! Also, don’t fear the egg whites. It’s not for flavour, but instead adds a lovely foam on top and gives the cocktail a silky texture.

Get your ingredients!



White rum

Orange curacao/liqueur

Gomme/sugar syrup

Angostrua Bitters

Jamaican rum

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