Northern Monk Brew Co. – Northern Star Mocha Porter

About Northern Monk Brew Co. 

The North Monk Brew Co. (NMB) produced 20,000 pints per week which are distributed world wide! NMB draws its name from the monks who brewed England’s beer centuries ago – referencing Domesday 1086 which  records 70,000 gallons produced by monks through out the country! Fountain Abbey in Yorkshire brewed 60 barrels every day. A combination of monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. The brewery is situated in grade II listed mill. NMB has an extensive range of 24 beers and a gin! These beers are divided into the core, seasonal, twist, trilogy and the vault ranges. 

Northern Monk Brew – Northern Star Mocha Porter.

Price: £2.50 – £3.30. 

The Northern Star Mocha Porter is available on both draught and in 330 ml cans. A collaboration with Leeds based coffee roaster North Star, with added dark chocolate and milk. Stronger than your average beer with an ABV 5.9%. 

Appearance: Deep black with mahogany brown tones when held toward the light. A light brown medium head which collapses quickly. 

Nose: Malty tones with a blend of light coffee and milk chocolate. There’s a slightly sour hint underneath it all.   3/5

Palate: A plethora of nutty goodness- hazelnuts, walnuts and possibly almonds all piled in. There’s a mixture of both solid and powered chocolate with the slightest hint of good quality coffee. A little rye like spice and lactic sourness blends with a dark, crisp, malty bitterness. Let it breathe for a moment and the coffee notes becomes stronger and a new flavour is introduced! Bizarrely, it was banana bread! 4/5

Overall: A very approachable porter. All flavours are well balanced and work incredibly well together. Personally I prefer a stronger coffee flavour but this beer is delicious. I imagine that all of NMB’s range are this good! 


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