Booze News! – 04/03/17

1. New chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, and also the first woman to take on the role, is Karen Betts. Read more here.

New Chief Executive of the SWA

2. Planning permission granted for new £12 million Lowland distillery Ardgowan. Read more here.

3. Planning permission granted for new Highland distillery, Ardross. Read more here.

4. Craft beer company BrewDog to launch hotel named “DogHouse” in America, with beer spa treatments, hot tubs, and beer on tap in the bedrooms. Read more here.

BrewDog to launch beer hotel DogHouse

5. Heineken launches two new craft beers, a Bavarian-style Pilsner and an American-style IPA, under Maltsmiths Brewery label. Read more here.

6. American Limestone Branch Distillery introduces “Minor Case” Straight Rye Whiskey. Read more here. 

7. Benromach launch Sassicaia Wood Finish 2009, matured in first fill bourbon barrels and finished in Sassicaia wine casks. Read more here.

Benromach launch Sassicaia Wood Finish 2009

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