Booze News! – 11/03/17

1.  Port of Leith Distillery secure £5million site, with planning application due to be submitted within 3 months. Read more here.

2. Jameson Distillery brand home to set to reopen after €11million redevelopment of Bow Street site. Read more here.

3. Bushmills Irish Whiskey plans £30 million and 62 acre expansion, including 29 new maturation warehouses and a fine water lagoon. Read more here.

Bushmills submits plans for 62 acre expansion

4. Australian Whisky Holdings takeover of Tasmanian Nant has been partially terminated due to the discovery that more than 700 casks sold under the Nant Distilling Company’s barrel investment scheme were never filled and do not exist. Read more here.

5. A landlord in Scotland accepted £40,000 worth of stolen rare whisky as rent payment. Read more here.

6. Pernod Ricard launch caviar-infused vodka, L’Orbe, which will cost you £175 for a 200ml bottle. Read more here.

Pernod Ricard launch caviar-insfused vodka: L’Orbe.

7. Coffee chain Starbucks start selling coffee made using beans that have been aged in whisky barrels. Unfortunately, this is only available for a limited time from their Seattle Roastery. Read more here.

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