Port Askaig Tasting!

About Speciality Drinks Ltd. 

Speciality Drinks Ltd is the work of Sukhinder and Raj Singh, two brothers with fifty years of experience in the drinks industry between them. It’s more than likely you have heard of the Singh brothers, the creators and owners of The Whisky Exchange. The Speciality Drinks range includes a number of brands: The Single Malts of Scotland, Port Askaig, Elements of Islay, Black Tot rum and Ilegal mezcal.  

We tried four drams in one tasting from the Port Askaig range that we have not tried previously, and we’ve compiled the tasting notes for your convenience! Here’s what we thought:

Port Askaig Tasting

Port Askaig 8 Year Old

The 8 year old is the youngest expression in the Port Askaig range. This bottling comes in at 45.8%. 
Port Askaig 8 Year Old

Price: £40.55 (The Whisky Exchange)

Nose: BBQ, young – like a fantastic new make with strong peppermint. Nevertheless there is a grassy freshness with a distinct saltiness. There are also familiar notes of charcoal. 

Palate: peppery- it burns the gums! Hints of smoke with citrus lemon and savoury seaweed. There is a burst of green apple and fresh grape. Burnt sugar adds a dark, dessert feel.  

Finish: The spice of chili heat blends with smoke and a medicinal tang. The peppermint on the nose is resurrected in the finish with an orange zest.

Port Askaig 15 Year Old

Price: £75.40 (Master of Malt), £75.55 (The Whisky Exchange)

Port Askaig 15 Year Old

Nose: It’s like a cake – seriously. It is markedly different to the 8 year old & 100 proof. It is reminiscent of a Battenberg, with cream and sticky raisins. A strong suggestion of rhubarb before a hit of smoke. 

Palate: Initial hints of salted caramel. There is a wave of stewed red fruits with notes of roughly crushed peppercorns. A strange combination of spicy leather and smoke is followed by chocolate and cream.

Finish: A much shorter finish with a combination of smoky, sweet and spiced flavours.  

Port Askaig 16 Year Old

Price: £79.80 (Master of Malt), £80.55 (The Whisky Exchange)

Port Askaig 16 Year Old

Nose: More in tune with the 8 year old and 100 proof! Hints of vanilla blends with spice, salt and quite a heavy amount of peat. It develops into a suggestion of tobacco and is rather musty. Nevertheless, it remains sweet & fresh. 

Palate: Deeply peaty. The freshness is there and there are some autumnal notes. Powerful hints of ginger combines with subtle nutty flavours. Citrus notes of orange and grapefruit emerge with sweeter notes of red fruit and the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Finish: Sweet and smooth flavours of peat and smoke with the distinct tones of coffee beans.

Port Askaig 19 Year Old

Price: £99.74 (Master of Malt), £99.95 (The Whisky Exchange)
Port Askaig 19 Year Old

Nose: A fresh nose of subtle peat and cut grass followed by vanilla fudge and a slight saltiness. 

Palate: Tropical! Possibly pineapple? A continuation of the fresh nose with apple, mint and white grape. This gives way to smooth smoke and ash notes.

Finish: A quick finish! Very smooth and clean with an abundance of salt. 

Port Askaig 30 Year Old

Price: £375 (Master of Malt), £375 (The Whisky Exchange)

Nose: A burst of white grape, it is almost reminiscent of wine but not quite acidic enough. The grape is followed by salted vanilla. 

Port Askaig 30 Year Old

Palate: A plethora of smoke, vanilla and caramel. The initial flavours of dessert are followed by savoury notes of salt and barley. These, in turn, give way to natural notes of wood and grass. It is almost a damp flavour, a wood that tastes like whisky rather than the other way round. 

Finish: A smokier finish than either the nose or palate would suggest; both char and ash! There is also a powerful woodiness. This dram is not as intense as the others in the Port Askaig range and the peat has mellowed out. 

We tried this one paired with Lindt Salted Caramel Chocolate, and strongly recommend that you do the same! 

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