Tamdhu Tweet Tasting

About Tamdhu

Tamdhu Distillery
The Tamdhu distillery is set upon the banks of the River Spey, not far from Knockando. There’re many independent bottlings of Tamdhu’s single malt Scotch, but only two official releases – the Tamdhu 10 Year Old & the Tamdhu Batch Strength. Tamdhu was founded in 1899 by a group of whisky blenders, including Grant, Dewar and Walker. Inspired by the Diamond Jubilee, this consortium raised the equivalent of £20 million to fund their new venture. The group first purchased the land and then enlisted the help of Charles C Doig Esq. Doig insisted that Tamdhu be installed with the most advance equipment and employ modern techniques. This resulted in a waterwheel positioned beneath the floor for optimal performance, a redesigned kiln to reduce heat loss and waste extracted using the Archimedean Screw.  

The distillery not only produces all of its own malt, but enough to supply malt to the other distilleries owned by the Edrington group – such as Glenrothes – and distils 4,000,000 litres in total. The distillery was purchased in 2011 by Ian Macleod Distillers. 

Tweet Tastings are organised by Steve Rush over at The Whisky Wire. Many thanks for the samples.

Tamdhu Tweet Tasting Set

Tamdhu 10 Year Old

This was an opportunity for us to revisit the Tamdhu 10 Year Old. For our previous review, please follow this link! Produced using a combination of peated and unpeated barley, this 40% spirit was matured in 1st and 2nd fill sherry casks.

Price: £34.84 (Master of Malt), £34.95 (The Whisky Exchange)

Appearance: A hazy, light amber/golden yellow.

Nose: Soft, smooth and sweet. There are notes of juicy red grapes, evidence of the sherry cask finish, with musky brown sugar and oats. Hints of sweetness come through in honeycomb, sultanas and butterscotch with just a hint of almonds. 

Palate: All flavours of nose follow through in the palate, with creamy toffee and maple syrup, vanilla butter and a little citrus in satsuma and nectarine.

Finish: Subtle floral notes with a hint of salt, bitter almond and marzipan, A dry smoke lingers. 

Tamdhu 10 Year Old

Tamdhu 10 Year Old Limited Edition

Matured in 100% first-fill sherry casks, there are only 1000 bottles of this 46% ABV spirit.

Price: £120 (Tamdhu Online)

Appearance: Dark amber

Nose: Lots of gingerbread and honey, this smells like a christmas dram! There is a touch of almond and grassy hay, but also waxy wood polish, in the nicest possible way!

Palate: Musky and deep sherry notes of plum, grapes, cloves, cinnamon and allspice, with a little citrus of mulled orange peel.

Finish:  Lightly smoked, grassy with just a hint of aniseed in caraway seeds.

Tamdhu 10 Year Old Limited Edition

Tamdhu Batch Strength 2

No age statement and matured in 100% first-fill sherry casks, this spirit is bottled at 58.5% ABV.

Price: £57.53 (Master of Malt), £57.65 (The Whisky Exchange)

Appearance: Darker than the 10 year old, but not as dark as the 10 year Limited Edition.

Nose: Sherried fruits, red grape and marischino cherries. There is a slight saltiness to this dram, with hints of wood and barely coming through with vanilla and almond.

Palate: A real tongue tingler! Warming oak, ashy and smokey, with the sweetness of vanilla, butterscotch and cinnamon, and a hint of citrus.

Finish: The sharpness of the palate follows through long after this whisky is gone. It is smokey, with a hint of aniseed and chilli.

Tamdhu Batch Strength 2

Tamdhu New Make Spirit

Bottled at 69.7% ABV, this is the stuff that gets aged in the barrels.

Price: Not available for purchase.

Appearance: Colourless and transparent

Nose: Sweet and buttery popcorn, with sunflower oil and chives. The nose is smooth and there is suprisingly no burn. There are hints of burnt flapjack.

Palate: For almost 70% ABV, this dram has no burn! The palate is doughy, but with hints of agave and plant stems. There is a sweetness like concentrated Dandelion and Burdock.

Finish: Custard creams and just a little kick of spice.

The Verdict

Our favourite dram of the night was the Tamdhu 10 Year Old Limited Edition. Whilst it may be a little pricey, we do not recommend missing out on this tasty Tamdhu,

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