Review: Almost Famous Manchester

Almost Famous MCR

We tried cocktails (and maybe a burger or two!) at Almost Famous, at the Great Northern in Manchester. Almost Famous is an American style burger restaurant which is popular because of its extravagant, dirty and delicious burgers. Their Great Northern restaurant off Deansgate was opened after a fire burned down their original Manchester restaurant in the Northern Quarter (which has since reopened). The atmosphere is casual, the decor is trendy and everything screams America.

The drinks menu itself is not extensive: 11 cocktails, 4 sharers intended for 2-8 people, 8 bottles of wine, a good selection of beers and a couple of ciders. But for a burger joint, this is not a bad list at all! The also offer a different boozy and extravagant milkshake every week for £6.

Side 1 of the Almost Famous drinks menu
Side 2 of the Almost Famous drinks menu

In terms of draught and bottles, there is something for everyone: lager, pale ale, IPA, porter and apple and fruit ciders. In terms of cocktails, this is definitely a menu for drink lovers who like there alcohol decadent. That being said, it is a diverse menu, with a selection of gin, vodka, rum and whisky drinks, and the classics like Sex on the Beach or a Pornstar Martini are nowhere to be seen. Prices for cocktails range from £7.50-£9.00.

8-Day Weekend

El Dorado 5 Rum, falernum, mint, clementine, Campari, pistachio, lime and soda.

This looks, sounds and tastes a lot like a fruity, jazzed-up mojito. The clementine adds a refreshing acidic sweetness to the mix, as well as making the drink an attractive colour. The pistachio was difficult to taste but provided a nice texture, like undissolved sugar in an authentic mojito.

8-Day Weekend (Rum cocktail)

Lock Stock

Woodford Reserve, Punt E Mes, chocolate bitters, Frangelico, Johnnie Walker Black and salted caramel.

A subtle take on a classic Manhattan that turns it into a dessert cocktail. The chocolate bitters and Frangelico combination mimics a dash of Nutella, and the salted caramel and double dose of whisky keep the sweetness balanced. A twist of lemon is a nice alternative to the traditional orange, which would have pushed the flavour over the top.

Lock Stock (whisky cocktail)

Top Level

Rittenhouse 100, Appleton VX, Pedro Ximenez, cherry, vanilla, lime and ginger beer.

A tropical variation of the vintage cocktail Up-To-Date, in that it contains whisky, rum and sherry. All the individual flavours came through strongly, and the combination of lime and ginger beer create an overall Caribbean taste. The metal highball keeps the drink chilled, and is a rustic addition.

Top Level (Whisky, Rum and Sherry cocktail)

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