Elijah Craig 12 Year Old

About Heaven Hill  

Heaven Hill

Heaven Hill was founded in 1935, shortly after the end of the Prohibition in America, by several investors, one of whom was Joseph Beam (Jim Beam’s cousin). The other investors were a part of the Shapira family, who own and run the distillery to this day. The Beam family also continue to work as Master Distillers for Heaven Hill. Heaven Hill pride themselves on their history and traditions. They are located in Kentucky and source their ingredients from local suppliers. They are the 7th largest alcohol supplier in the USA and is the largest family owned, independent producer of spirits in America. They also have a bourbon inventory of over 1 million barrels. In addition to bourbon, the company also produce Burnett’s Vodka and Gin, and a range of liqueurs.

Elijah Craig 12 Year Old 

Elijah Craig gets its name from a reverend who founded a distillery in 1789. Heaven Hill credit Craig as the Father of Bourbon, for first ageing whiskey in charred barrels, after his barn caught fire and burnt all of his barrels. Rather then discarding them, he added whiskey, and found that the flavour and colour of the whiskey was greatly improved. At least, that’s how the story goes! Heaven Hill have kept his memory alive, and their Elijah Craig is currently the second best selling bourbon in America.

Elijah Craig 12 Year Old
Price: £36.83 (Master of Malt), £39.45 (The Whisky Exchange)

Produced by Heaven Hill, this Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon has been aged for 12 years in charred American oak barrels. This dram is 75% corn, and comes in at 47% ABV. 
Appearance: dark amber with a reddish hue. 
Nose: Powerful notes of musky oak and roasted oranges, with the sweetness of vanilla. There are hints of tart cranberries, cloves and just a pinch of salt.
Palate: Initially, there is a big citrus hit and lots of orange peel. Overall, the palate follows on from the nose with oak, vanilla and cloves. There are hints of toffee and adding a dash of water really increases the vanilla sweetness of this dram.
Finish: Peppery and rich. Reminiscent of rum and raisin. Hints of toffee coat the throat, as well as apple cores and just a touch of aniseed. A dash of water brings out some dry coffee tones and there is musky charred oak throughout. 

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