Chorlton Whisky Tastings

Chorlton Whisky are an independent spirits bottler based in Manchester. They specialise in whisky,
but also have an independently bottled barrel aged Travellers Rum 11 Year Old on offer.  Their bottles are distinctive in that they have interesting, colourful artwork unique to each expression. Each expression is a small batch, the smallest of which is 21 bottles and the largest 103 bottles. Despite their limited stock, they are excellently priced between £46.50 – £72.50.

We were lucky enough to try some samples, and here’s what we thought:

Chorlton Whisky Samples
Bealach Ruadh 8 year old

Bealach Ruadh 8 Year Old

This bottle is an 8 year old single malt whisky from a secret Islay distillery that has been matured in a hogshead and bottled at 58%.

Price: £46.50

Appearance: Light, pale straw

Nose: Frazzle maize crisps and Salt & Pepper flavoured crisps, as well as a sweet honey barbecue sauce. There is the saltiness of crispy seaweed, reminscent of wet sand and driftwood, with a touch of fennel and a subtle charcoal. Very inviting.

Palate: Traditional Islay salt and a moderate peat, the palate is quite dry. It is quite doughy with hints of spice and fennel with zesty grapefruit notes.

Finish: The finish has flavours simialr to the nose, with honey barbecue and wet sand. There is a rough, unexpected spice, complimented by fuzzy peaches and cooked rosemary,

Ledaig 10 year old

Ledaig 10 Year Old

Only 21 bottles of this particular cask end are in circulation, which contains a 10 year old single malt whisky from Ledaig on the Isle of Mull, matured in a bourbon hogshead and bottled at 57.4%.

Price: £50

Appearance: Clear, pale yellow

Nose: This is quite a sweet smelling dram, with chocolate and toffee shining through as well as rum raisin and banana peel. There are tones of fresh, young wood, along with the sap, shrubbery and wet grass. Hints of barbecue develop over time.

Palate: Like a cheesecake – creamy with malty biscuits. There is an orange zest, and notes of oak and barley. There is also a dash of salt and the toasted bitterness of a cappuccino froth.

Finish: A light peat, like a charcoal barbecue, with sweet vanilla toffee and a kick of sharpness. There are also hints of elderflower.

Burnside 20 Year Old

Burnside 20 year old

This is a blended malt whisky from a famous Speyside distillery, matured in a hogshead and bottled at 51.7%.

Price: £72.50

Appearance: Pale gold

Nose: In the best possible way, this nose is reminiscent of paint and plaster in that it is musty and dusty, with dry oak notes. There is the fruitiness of green grapes, cherries and plums with the sweetness of marmalade. Also a hint of grapefruit and a slight ashy quality.

Palate: Sharp and sweet, with crystallised honey, green grapes and the dry citrus of grapefruit pith. There is a peppery spice and lots of barley.

Finish: Grapes again, along with plums. The barley from the palate continues into the finish, and there are notes of smokey oak wood, dry hay and fennel. The finish is long lasting, but quite simple, with only the sharpness that hints at this whiskies suprising age.

Whiskies are available from their website here or at local specialist retailers.

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