November Wishlist!

Lost Spirits Abomination – Chapter 2

1. Lost Spirits Abomination – Chapter 2 Sayers of the Law

This abomination came from the the darkest, dankest depths of the Lost Spirits’ lab in California. Now this is not an abomination to be scared of – depending how peated you like your drink. A heavily-peated spirit aged in Bourbon casks for 12 – 18 months. After that? It’s taken deeper into the Lost Spirits underground lab. What happens down there? We’re not sure – but we do know this. Chapter 2 is finished in charred American Oak which was seasoned with late harvest Riesling. It also comes with a hefty 54%. Interested? We are.

Aberlour A’bunadh – Batch 59

2. Aberlour A’Bunadh – Batch 59

Here it is, the year fixture of A’Bunadh. Who doesn’t loved a heavily sherried and full bodied single malt? As per usual, the A’Bunadh is drawn from Oloroso Sherry butts which give it that wonderfully Christmas-y flavour. Couple those lovely Christmas flavours with a  60.9% ABV and Batch 59 is the perfect winter night dram.

The Wolf

3. The Wolf

We have a German entry on the wish list! The Wolf is an interesting concoction – if a little pricey. The base of this spirit is a hand picked Pfälzer wine – Palatinate/Rhineland region – which is a peach and raspberry wine. This peaked our interest. The spirit is then allowed to age in stainless steel barrels – which allows time to rest but result in no interference from that pesky wooden maturation. The Wolf has been designed to prove that wine-based spirits are versatile and can be more than just cognac and brandy. Instead we are presented with a minimalist approach – which should prove an interesting base to cocktails and mixertures alike!

Douglas Laing – The Gauldrons

4. Douglas Laing – The Gauldrons

At last, Douglas Laing have completed the Remarkable Regional Malts. We always felt that the Campbeltown region had been unfairly left out but this wrong has finally been rectified. Fred Laing – Douglas Laing’s MD – has commented that the Gauldrons is a blend “of our best, and indeed rarest, casks of Campbeltown Single Malt”. We trust the man, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle. Each batch is being numbered as well, so we can all watch/taste how this whisky develops over the years.

James Eadie’s – Trade Mark X

5. James Eadie’s – Trade Mark X

A revival of a historic blend – and being a bit of a history buff that always peaks my interest. The Jame Eadie brand began producing blended Scotch whisky in 1854 until it ceased to exist in the late 1940s. However, 70-something years later and Eadie’s great-great-grandson decided it was time to revive the blend. This blended scotch uses the same 12 whiskies used by its predecessor – including 2 closed distilleries. That’s dedication.

6. Gotik – London Dry Gin

Gotik – London Dry Gin

We were fortunate enough to try this little gem at our recent visit to the event (read about it here!) Gotik is a Portuguese gin – the first produced in the Ribatejo region – and is inspired by local flavours. Whilst following the traditions of London Dry Gin, 2 of Gotik’s 21 botanicals result in a unique flavour. What are they you ask? Tomatoes and butternut squash. Yeah, I was surprised too. Couple that with the 7 distillations, and you have a fantastic gin for a good price.

Faraday’s Proof White Rum

7. Manchester Still Faraday’s Proof White Rum

As Mancunians, we would like to give some local rum a try. The distillery started as a homebrew between a professor, a doctor and a PhD student, and they use “state-of-the-art” technology to test and monitor every aspect, to make a smooth, pure and high-quality spirit. They’ve recently released a 70cl size bottling, so we feel its time we get some more rum for the drinks cabinet!

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