Starward Two-Fold

Starward Two-Fold Tasting Notes

At 40% ABV, this is a blend of 60% Australian wheat and 40% Australian malted barley aged for 3 years in Australian Red Wine casks only. The wine casks are sourced from the South Eastern wine regions and previously held Shiraz or Cabernet.

Starward Two-Fold

Price: £35.95 (Master of Malt)

Nose: Fresh green apples, fruit & nut milk chocolate, red grape skins and cherries.

Palate: Smooth mouthfeel. Salted caramel, doughy white bread, tropical fruit juices from peaches and guava, foam banana sweets and a touch of aniseed.
Finish: Dry cereals and plums, with a very subtle lingering hint of tobacco and the spice of pink grapefruit. 
Overall: You can tell that this is a young whisky, but the flavours of the red wine barrel shine through beautifully. It is smooth and not overly complicated, making it perfect for sharing with whisky connoisseurs and whisky novices alike. This has become my go-to bottle to bring to dinner parties.

About Starward Distillery

Starward Whisky is produced at the Melbourne based “New World Whisky” distillery, founded in 2016 by David Vitale. They source their barley as locally as possible, between Hunter Valley in Northern Sydney and the Adelaide Hills, and use a brewer’s yeast. The site has a 3,300 litre wash still and a 1,800 litre spirit still, both copper pot stills. Maturation occurs on-site and is shorter than is typical for whisky maturation since the spirit matures at a faster rate. This is thanks to Melbourne’s “four seasons in a day” climate, and because wine barrels are generally smaller than whisky barrels, with more of the spirit making contact with the wood. Their barrels are sourced from wineries across Victoria.

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