The Chita Whisky

The Chita Japanese Whisky Tasting Notes

43% ABV. This single grain Japanese whisky carries no age statement, but has spent time in bourbon, sherry and wine casks of American white oak and Spanish oak.

The Chita Japanese Whisky

Price: £47.30 (Master of Malt)

Tasting Notes

Nose: Corny, creamy and fruity. The corn content hits immediately, along with dried banana chips, sharp apples, raisins and melon rind. Sweet notes of vanilla cream. Like a toasted fruit loaf smothered with melted butter.

Palate: Hobnob oat biscuits, sweet honey and vanilla ice cream. Subtler notes of salted caramel, sesame seeds, mint herbal tea and grape juice.

Finish: Fresh ginger, lemon zest, black pepper and lingering vanilla.

Overall: This dram is reminiscent of a delicate bourbon with added floral notes. I’d say it is an exceptional, distinctive whisky. It is also available for a very reasonable price compared to other Japanese whiskies on the market!

About Chita Distillery

Owned by Suntory Whisky, who also own Yamazaki and Hakushu Distilleries, Chita Distillery uses multiple column stills for continuous distillation to produce grain whisky on the Chita peninsula. Heavy-type whisky is distilled through 2 columns, medium-type through 3 columns and the clean, neutral type through 4 columns. Much of the spirit produced at Chita goes into Suntory blends, such as Hibiki. The distillery has been operating since 1972, and was founded by Suntory’s second Master Blender: Keizo Saji.

Chita Distillery

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