Talisker 25 Year Old

About Talisker Distillery

“The king o’ drinks, as I conceive it, Talisker, Islay or Glenlivet” were the words of Robert Louis Stevenson and HV Morton from the poem The Scotsman’s Return From Abroad. The Talisker distillery was founded in 1830 by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill, and is now owned by Diageo. It produces 3.5 million litres annually, which is relatively modest considering the distillery’s popularity.  Talisker sits on Skye’s western coast, at Loch Harpor in Carbost, and is the Island’s oldest producer of single malt whisky. The distillery gets its water from the same 21 underground springs as it did when it was built. The whisky is produced in two wash stills and three spirit stills, with unique swan neck lye pipes. Talisker is one of few distilleries to still use worms tubs instead of “shell & tube” condensers. The entire distillery was burnt to the ground in the 1960’s, and exact replicas of the five stills and worm tubs were constructed when rebuilding to preserve the distinctive taste of Talisker. The island is remote and rugged, with scenic mountains and rough seas; the landscape shines through in the flavour profile of the award winning whiskies.

Talisker Whisky Distillery

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