Glen Moray Rhum Agricole Cask Finish Project

Glen Moray Rhum Agricole Cask Finish Project Tasting Notes

One of the latest releases in the Glen Moray Experimental Cask Projects, this 46.3% ABV spirit was finished for 24 months in casks that previously held St James AOC Agricole Rhum from Martinique. 

Glen Moray Rhum Agricole Cask Finish

Price: £52.95 (Master of Malt

Tasting Notes
Nose: Lemon peels and green apple skins. The sweetness of white cane sugar and light honey. Vanilla pods. Brandy cream. Some floral notes.
Palate: Decadent. Creamy coffee and milk chocolate with raisins. Lemon cheesecake with caramel sauce. Fresh melon.
Finish: The creamy coffee from the palate follows through, with the additional spiciness of fresh ginger and liquorice and the sweetness of sultanas.
Overall: This experimental project is a huge success and has produced an interesting whisky which balances the flavours of the malt and of the cask perfectly. The price tag is also very reasonable, in my opinion.

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Glen Moray 21 Year Old Portwood Finish

Glen Moray 21 Year Old Portwood Finish Tasting Notes

One of the more recent additions to the Glen Moray core range. This spirit was matured in ex-bourbon barrels for much of its life and finished in port casks. Bottled at 46.3% ABV.

Glen Moray 21 Year Old Portwood Finish
Price: £124.95 (Master of Malt)
Appearance: Dark gold
Nose: Tart blackberries with hints of vanilla and brown sugar – think baked blackberry muffins – as well as rum & raisin buttery fudge and a light caramel. Oak woodiness.
Palate: Chilli infused dark chocolate, crusty white bread and liquorice, with powdered spices of cinnamon, ginger and black pepper.
Finish: Liquorice. Digestive biscuits. Tart red currants and red grape tannins.
Overall: A complex whisky with a lot of Speyside character. This is sweet on the nose, spicy on the palate and has a sharp finish.

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Starward Two-Fold

Starward Two-Fold Tasting Notes

At 40% ABV, this is a blend of 60% Australian wheat and 40% Australian malted barley aged for 3 years in Australian Red Wine casks only. The wine casks are sourced from the South Eastern wine regions and previously held Shiraz or Cabernet.

Starward Two-Fold

Price: £35.95 (Master of Malt)

Nose: Fresh green apples, fruit & nut milk chocolate, red grape skins and cherries.

Palate: Smooth mouthfeel. Salted caramel, doughy white bread, tropical fruit juices from peaches and guava, foam banana sweets and a touch of aniseed.
Finish: Dry cereals and plums, with a very subtle lingering hint of tobacco and the spice of pink grapefruit. 
Overall: You can tell that this is a young whisky, but the flavours of the red wine barrel shine through beautifully. It is smooth and not overly complicated, making it perfect for sharing with whisky connoisseurs and whisky novices alike. This has become my go-to bottle to bring to dinner parties.

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FEW Cold Cut Bourbon Whiskey

FEW Cold Cut Bourbon Whiskey with Cold Brew Coffee Tasting Notes

This is their standard bourbon brought down to a bottling strength of 46.5% from a cask strength of approximately 60% ABV, using cold brew coffee instead of water. Their bourbon has a mash bill of 70% corn, 20% rye and 10% malt, and is aged in Minnesota oak. Their coffee is sourced from local Passion House Coffee roasters on Goose Island.
FEW Cold Cut Bourbon Whiskey


Price: $42.99 (Binny’s). £49.96 (Master of Malt). This bottle was purchased at FEW Distillery in Illinois.
Appearance: Copper/Amber. Almost red.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Cloves, baked apples with ground spices, dark brown sugar, almost like treacle, and the light sweetness of vanilla. Toasted banana bread.
Palate: Creamy in texture. All the notes on the nose follow through, baked green apples and vanilla but stronger ground spices, almost peppery. Milk chocolate, toffee and ripe red apples. Hints of fizzy cola sweets.
Finish: A hint of chilli and the bitterness of dark chocolate with salted caramel. Fizzy cola sweets and oaky spices. Here, you can taste the roasted coffee. It’s subtle but distinctive. A soft finish.
Overall: This is a bloody good dram that goes down easy and is incredibly more-ish. The coffee really compliments the flavour profile of the bourbon. You wouldn’t know that it was cut with cold brew except for in the softness of the mouthfeel. This is not a novelty, just a really successful experiment.


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The Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey

The Dublin Liberties Tasting Notes

We were lucky enough to try 4 of 5 whiskies currently available from the new Dublin Liberties Distillery.

The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil
(photo credit: Celtic Whisky Shop)

Oak Devil 5 Year Old

46% ABV. This bottle is a blend of 70% grain and 30% malt, matured in American bourbon casks for at least 5 years.

Price: €49 (Celtic Whiskey Shop)

Nose: Light and subtle. There are notes of pear, sweet caramel and a light oak. Some hints of raisins.

Palate: The pear and the caramel of the nose follow through, along with vanilla fudge and a citrus hit of orange peel. There are hints of dried red fruits and a soft peppery spice.
Finish: A grainy finish with a powerful spice hit, with notes of green peppercorns and caraway balanced by the sweetness of cherry cough sweets and a light honey.

Overall:  An easy drinker without any over-powering flavours. It would make a good introductory whiskey for your unconverted friends and the flavour profile makes it ideal for whiskey cocktails.

Copper Alley 10 Year Old

The Dublin Liberties Copper Alley
(photo credit: Celtic Whisky Shop)

46 % ABV. Single malt, matured in American bourbon casks for 10 years and finished for 6 months in Olorosso sherry casks.

Price: €60 (Celtic Whiskey Shop)

Nose: Tangy and malty. An immediate hit of over-ripe red apples as well as red and white grapes, sandalwood and some nutty tones. 

Palate: Quite a sweet palate with red apples, marzipan, walnuts and fruit & nut chocolate.

Finish: A savoury finish, wheat biscuits and a little spice with a citrusy sharpness that lasts.

Overall: The nose did not do justice to the taste of this dram, which got better with time. There is an enjoyable contrast between the sweetness of the palate and savoury finish.

The Dublin Liberties Murder Lane
(photo credit: Celtic Whisky Shop)

Murder Lane 13 Year Old

46% ABV. Triple distilled 13 year old single malt, aged in American bourbon casks and finished for 6 months in Hungarian Oak casks that previously held Tokaj (a dessert wine).

Price: €160 (Celtic Whiskey Shop)

Nose: Subtle and soft. Vanilla pods and creamy fudge alongside fruity and floral notes of plums and orange blossom.

Palate: Bakewell tarts and buttery pastry, stewed red fruits, particularly plums, and some tropical citrus, possibly grapefruit.

Finish: Red apples, brown sugar and vanilla. Hints of creamy coffee and a light citrusy spice.

Overall: A dessert whiskey . The wine cask is an interesting experiment that has paid off in the flavour profile of this bottling.

Keeper’s Coin 16 Year Old

The Dublin Liberties Keeper’s Coin
(photo credit: Celtic Whisky Shop)

46% ABV. Triple distilled and matured in American bourbon casks for 16 years, and finished in Pedro Ximanez hogsheads for 6-7 months.

Price: €320 (Celtic Whiskey Shop)

Nose: Honey, vanilla fudge, burnt sugar and cream soda along with light red fruits, orange and pomegranate juice.

Palate: Dried pears and a light vanilla cream, nutty chocolate brownie, toffee and plenty of soft spices like cloves, fennel and powdered ginger.

Finish: Christmas cake. Prunes, dark chocolate, oaky and the same light spices as the palate.

Overall: A beautifully balanced dram. I was ready to buy a bottle for my collection, until I saw the slightly hefty price tag. This is a limited edition with only 300 bottles in circulation.

About The Dublin Liberties Distillery

In February 2019, The Dublin Liberties Distillery opened the doors to a new €10m site and visitor experience, making it the third whiskey distillery in the Irish capital. The distillery is inside a 400 year old building and features three copper pot stills for triple-distillation and a spring water source on site. Owned by Quintessential Brands, the site is now producing whiskey. The initial releases were sourced from an unnamed Irish distillery, selected and independently bottled by Master Distillerr Darryl McNally. There are local legends and stories behind each of whiskey names, which can be found on the Distillery’s official website.

Many thanks to The Dublin Liberties Distillery and Steve Rush @TheWhiskyWire for these Tweet Tasting samples.